Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Iowa ... sitting back, relaxing, fishing

The trip to South Dakota, Colorado, and Kansas City was enjoyable. We saw cool national and state parks, took in a couple museums, enjoyed time with family and friends, spent a couple evenings watching major league baseball, and spent some quality time on the road enjoying each other and the views out the window.

But Iowa was a nice chance to relax with my brother and his family. Friday was a time for us to relax and get caught up (well, it had only been a few weeks, so not TOO much catching up). Saturday was fun in the sun - with water and friends from the neighborhood. We went to the little pond to fish with a the kiddos, and we had a blast there, too. You'll notice a couple decent-sized bass were caught. Drake hooked the biggest. And Cade almost hooked a frog somehow. Anyway, we had fun ... but in the end, Sunday had us coming home from our 10-day road trip.

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