Sunday, August 28, 2011

The weekend: a blast, some ball, and a blur

Family came to stay this weekend. My aunt, uncle, and cousin arrived late on Friday - ok, technically REALLY early on Saturday. My cousin came to play softball - fall ball in the area. They came after a high school football game in Wisconsin, and they had to get up pretty early on Saturday morning for a softball tournament ... well, back in Wisconsin. Yes, it was just in Hudson, but it sounds funny the way I wrote it, doesn't it? :)

Anyway, I had my grad school orientation, so it was a blessing to allow the kids to spend most of Saturday with my aunt and uncle and cousin. It sounds like they had a really nice time - and another aunt, uncle and two more cousins even got to meet up with them at the softball fields. I was both a nervous wreck and bored out of my mind at my grad school orientation. I guess it was nice to learn many of the in's and out's of what I will be doing for the next two years, but it was also both boring and nerve-racking to hear about ALL that will go on, as well.

I was glad to be with a bunch of teachers, if nothing else, on Saturday, because we ended up getting out early from the orientation, and I was able to enjoy some softball with the rest of the fam for much of the late afternoon and evening. As usual, I stayed up too late talking with my aunt and uncle. Thank goodness my morals allowed me to let us sleep in and miss church. It has been three weeks, but I'm sure God will forgive me this month, since sleep was in desperate need.

Sunday brought some nice weather for some more softball. We also ended up being in the town of a friend (and his kids) and decided to spend some time playing at a local elementary school playground. The kids enjoyed the time to play - and we even decided that a DQ run was in order. As my wife is out of town - well, out of country really - I'm sure she wouldn't have minded that we had dessert BEFORE dinner - much like we did throughout our most recent family vacation. We'll just say it was in 'honor' of our family vacation and hope that flies :)

After frozen pizza and "Over the Hedge", the kiddos enjoyed their baths and went to sleep without much fuss. Sleeping like logs now - I hope they decide to sleep in again so we can have the energy to enjoy yet another highly active week.

We love you, Honey! Hope you read this in Paris and know that we miss you!

Your Family

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