Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm nuts ...

Seriously? Did I honestly think that taking care of two kids in (or nearly breaking into) elementary school was going to be a 'walk in the park'?

Anyway, my son likes sports (of course), and my daughter likes ... well ... she likes a lot of activities. This summer they both did baseball (well, tee ball for my daughter). They also both swam - once a week, and on the same day. My son did a couple camps/clinics - golf for example. But it was pretty low-stress.

That's over.

Stress is here. As the summer finishes up, school is almost here. So we have two seperate open houses. Yes, on the same day. Yes, at different schools ... at roughly the same time.

We also have fall baseball that night. (Oh, did I not mention that we signed up for fall baseball?) Yes, fall baseball was supposed to be on Saturdays. Oh, but it also comes with practice once or twice a week - Mondays and Wednesays for the first couple weeks anyway.

So, we'll miss that next Monday's practice ... so we can be at flag football practice. Which practices three days a week until school starts. Then we can alternate. Monday - baseball. Tuesday - football. Wednesday - baseball. Thursday - football. And of course GAMES begin shortly after school starts, so we'll include: Saturday - baseball game(s). Sunday - football game.

And that's just my son for the most part. My daughter will begin dance on Wednesdays after school starts as well. She'll keep doing swimming, too. Thank goodness that's during the day - while big kid number one is still in elementary school. See, preschool is only half days, three days a week. Which is nice, because then we can get her gymnastics in during the day, too.

But we do have church school (or faith formation, if you will) starting up later in September. That'll be on Tuesday nights, this year. Oh, and did I mention that fall basketball will register in September and start up in October, too. That'll be on Saturdays, so hopefully it's at different times than the baseball games - which overlap for a couple weekends.

Did I mention that I don't know what time the football or baseball games are yet (never mind the basketball)?

Yep. I'm nuts! Certifiably.

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