Monday, August 1, 2011

Wisconsin Dells and Tripping Out!

Always love the family time. Always. However. Have you ever noticed that kids don't do well with minimal sleep and maximum fun? Yes? Me too. And by that, I mean that "I" don't do well with minimal sleep and maximum fun, either. Now, my wife (and parents) might think that I got enough sleep - after all, I did sleep around 8 hours each night this weekend - but the maximum fun requires more sleep - for the kiddos AND me :)

Anyway, the tripping out part is partially me, partially my kiddos. My son decided to trip out when I gave him a 'five-minute-warning' before we left The Lost World to head out for lunch and then back to Minnesota. I didn't take this too well - which is when I tripped out. Sorry, son. My daughter decided to cry for a full five minutes when she had to 'go upstairs' to use the bathroom when we got home. I didn't respond to that very well either. Oh well. I guess I should also lose television priviledges for a while - like my son has for a week. But I'm the parent, so I guess I get the plea deal and get off.

(Don't feel too bad for the kiddos - Wii is still in use- and they're playing JUST DANCE: KIDS full force since we got home.)

We did have some great fun! Ishnala Supper Club to celebrate my brother and sister-in-law's anniversary (and belatedly our own 10th). Loads of swimming, slides, and water fun - even a cabana poolside for Saturday. Getting together with grandmas, aunts and uncles, and cousins. My dad's grilled brats and burgers. My mom's pasta salad and potato salad. Tons of presents for all the kids (and a great UW football 'vault' for me). GoKarts, lazy rivers, and a picnic lunch. But you can take a gander at ALL the pics (from MY camera anyway) to see just how much fun it was ...

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