Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lake Minnetonka ... with great neighbors

Okay, so I stole the picture from whatever site I googled for an image of "lake minnetonka sunset", but the evening was pretty cool. The sunset was a pinkish-purple and wasn't quite like this - a bit more clouds. But anyway ...

It was a nice Saturday - going along smoothly. The kids and I went to MOA and Sea Life aquarium for the morning. Basically had the aquarium to ourselves since we got there as it opened. The kids enjoyed it and then we walked around, brousing in stores, looking for birthday ideas. We finished the trip with a 'normal' journey to the food court and Sbarro pizza for my son & Asian Chao rice, noodles, and chicken entrees for my daughter and me.

Then, when we got home, my daughter's friends came over and they played for the afternoon. As evening came, our neighbors made a last minute decision to go to the lake - and invited all of us. It was VERY nice of them! And we thoroughly enjoyed the evening! Did a little swimming in the bath-water warm lake. Then gassed up the boat and made a few runs with the tube. The kids really had a blast - and we finished things off with a little sleep-over at our house - just my daughter and her friend; not everyone, thankfully.

Only disappointment was not being able to enjoy the night on the lake with my wife. I certainly will be anxious to get her back tonight. Thanks again, neighbors! You certainly are the best!

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