Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Not going to whine ...

... my kids do enough of that.

However, I will be pleased and happy when all the workers leave the house and I have a first floor in which to cook, eat, rest, watch TV, play board games, and even - *gasp* - clean! This project feels like it will totally be worth it - saw the door for the lazy-susan cabinet and LOVED it! But, having to wade through the dust on level one in order to get from level two (bedrooms) to level minus-one (basement) this week is no fun. Now, I wouldn't mind as much if we could walk around the house to the outside basement door. Unfortunately, it has been either extremely hot or rainy every day so far - so walking outside is about as much fun as the dust on level one.

... but ... I'm not going to whine :)

Life is good. Dance classes are going awesome for my daughter. She is totally into it and lovin' every minute of it. The instructors have even mentioned how well she keeps up - keep in mind that she's 5 and in a 7-8 year old class. She is doing farely well with tee ball and soccer, too. We're in full swing for games for each - and tee ball is definitely her stronger sport (of those two). She hit the ball on Monday so hard that it ended up in the outfield grass - which not too many other kids can do on her team. She also does a pretty good job of paying attention to the ball and making plays on defense. The first soccer game was extremely hot, so we'll see how game #2 goes tomorrow.

Swimming has been fun for both kids. My son was just told that he should move up to the next class if/when he registers for the next session. That would be Jr. Swim Club, but we'll see. Basically, he's doing the build-up mechanics for the butterfly stroke in his current class. They work on everything else - front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke - but spend more time on butterfly (as far as I can tell). The instructors told me that my daughter could use another session at her current class - for more endurance. Since she's been in swim class for a year straight, we'll have to see if she wants to keep going in the fall. Fall will be busy, so maybe we'll just take a break - and then move up to the next class anyway :)

My son is enjoying his week of golf camp - even in the rain today. After camp this morning, he went out in the wet grass out back and got some extra work in with his irons. I'd say he's into it ... but then again, we will going to Target Field for Twins Baseball Camp on Monday, and soon will also be signing up for fall ball baseball - kid pitch! And I heard him tell an adult friend recently that he might give up football soon - so that he doesn't get hurt for baseball. I'd love for him to play plenty of sports ... but, that's my baseball boy :)

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