Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ohio ... in pictures

We had a great trip to Ohio and back. Well, at least back to Madison. We did run into a bad accident outside of Rockford on our way back to my parents from Ohio, but that didn't spoil a great seven days in the land of O-ho. The weather was hot, but the pool was cool, and the company was wonderful. Partied at the parents' (in-laws) on Sunday. Ran 4 miles in horrible heat and humidity (but it was actually not too bad). Ventured to the NFL Hall of Fame (saw three ex-Badgers and MANY Packers). Saw a Cleveland Indians game (well, if you can call a 12-3 drubbing of the Angels by the Indians a 'game'). And generally had a blast with all the family and friends we could handle.

Happy 4th to everyone again! Here's some pics to help you visualize our fun-filled trip ...

My wife's parents rented a big 'jump house' for the party on Sunday.

My son was so happy, he wouldn't even sit still to get a picture taken.

The people who dropped it off said that 'everyone' could enjoy it ... apparently.

The day got pretty hot, so we had to put on swim suits and use some water to make the slide more fun.

Not sure if it was the heat, or my daughter just being goofy.

All the girls (adult women, I should say) ... Dad's sisters, Gramma, Bonnie, and my wife. Don't know where my SIL was, though.

The pool was a pleasure during the mostly upper 90 degree days.

Cousins had a blast together.

There was a 16-team corn-hole (or bag-toss) tournament that the Marysville Bautsch 'men' won. Still not sure how my SIL and I got defeated in the finals. Guess I'll have to practice - yes, I'm talking 'bout PRACTICE - for next year ;)

Again ... pool = mandatory. It was hot.

Again ... goofy ... and not sure it had anything to do with the heat.

Cousins snacking together.

More cousins playing badminton.

Cousins being goofy ... and inseperable.

Talk about inseperable ...

Pre-fireworks sparklers.

Pre-fireworks smore-making.

Picture with the 'Fireworks Spectacular' Owner/Operator (Grandpa).

"Awesome, Grandpa!"


Happy Birthday, Avery!

On the Great-Grandma's church-steps. Getting ready for the parade.

With Great-Grandma.

Me, my wife, my BIL, and my nephew all ran the Firecracker Four-Mile ... and this is the only picture that might let you know we did. Congrats to my wife on finishing her first race. Nice job, Honey!

Curbside seats for the parade.

The girls (cousins) with Aunt Charlotte.


NFL Hall of Fame.

About to see the busts ... a few Badgers and MANY Packers in there ...

My son with Coach Lombardi.

The one-and-only Bart Starr.

Future Super Bowl Champions?!?!

NFL HOF, John Fawcett Stadium. Home of Canton-McKinley HS.

Having fun.

Not a bad catch for an old-guy.

TD catch by the young-guy.

It was a great trip! Thanks for having us, Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa)!

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