Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fun days ...

So, we had some fun these last few days. Went to see our friends on the farm near Sidney, Oho. Two ostriches passed away over the last year, so the remaining male ("Big Al" or "Hank", depending on who you ask) had to perform his male ritual dance for us. More pictures of the farm to come once we get back to 'sota. We had a blast playing, eating, talking and enjoying the Harshbarger family's company. Wish they lived closer to MG so we could see them more often.

We (my wife, my father-in-law, and my son and I) went to PNC park in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night to cheer on the Cubs. It was the "rubber game" of the 3 game series and D.Lee got it started right by clobbering a 2-run HR in the first. Cubs came through and beat the Pirates 4-1 to make us happy.

Now we're just waiting for the rain to go away so that we can take advantage of the pool here in New Waterford, Oho. Family and cousins will be here soon and we'll have some fun for the 4th. Check back after the weekend to see if I make it through the Firecracker 4-mile race in Canfield. No wagering on whether I collapse or not, though ... it's an amateur event, so no gambling!
Last year I think I ran it in 34 minutes so here's hoping I do better. The whole herd of kids will be taking part in the kids' race around the green before the 4-miler, so we should have lots of neat picks to post ... just hope the picture of my son enjoying the ball-game last night melts your heart as much as mine.
Blog you later.

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  1. The kids loved seeing the ostrich on the internet! We're still waiting to hear how the 4-miler went. We all loved having you visit! Thanks for taking the time to come see us!

    April & Aaron and kids