Sunday, April 15, 2012

Productivity goes up when Blackberry goes down ...

This was a good week ... and a bad week ... and a good one.

The weather us up and down, but I enjoyed spending time with the kids this week. I joined my daughter for a field trip to a local dam. Unfortunately, the paper for directions that came home with her was not to be found on the morning of the trip. We were all supposed to meet at the dam. No problem. We were there plenty early. Too bad we were on the wrong side of the dam. We did meet up with  her class and enjoyed the entire nature hike/talk, some snacks, and some free play time in the (correct) visitors center afterward. (See, the other side had a visitors center, too.)

I got to work with the local high school B-squad baseball team twice this week, as well. Not sure if I blogged before, but the head coach gave me a ring on the phone a week or two before the season started, and I agreed to spend a couple days a week helping out. So, I guess I was wrong in assuming this would be my first spring away from high school baseball in close to twenty years. The down part of working only two days a week might be how sore your can get when you do help out. (Ok, so part of this is my fault for agreeing to fill-in as the catcher on infield drills while the catchers worked with another coach on a seperate field.)

Speaking of getting a ring on the phone ... I won't be doing that again until at least Tuesday or Wednesday. See, apparently dropping your phone on a tile floor isn't such a good thing. My screen went nuts (even though the glass didn't break), and I had to shut it down on Friday morning. My daughter and I took it back into the store - and thank goodness, it was under warranty, so at least I get a new phone free of charge.

This weekend, it ended up being useful not to have the distraction of the phone, too. My wife and I spent all of Saturday cleaning and rearranging the garage. Not only are there no longer leaves all over, but there's indoor/outdoor carpeting on the set of stairs leading into the house (and to the fridge). And a couple of Rubbermade plastic cabinets add a tidiness factor that also allows for some work space for my tools and my wife's gardening.

Up and down, yes. Mostly up, though, in this life ... at least from my positive perspective ;)

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