Monday, August 19, 2013


I haven't blogged in a while ... so there will be a few posts coming up over the next week or two.

Here's an update on where the clan is at:

My son's baseball team finished their regular season in 3rd place, then made a streak to the championship game of their end-of-the-year tournament. They ended up facing a buzz-saw in the 10th place team, who beat my son's team twice to win the whole darn thing. Pretty cool story. My son had fun and ended up playing in the all-star game the next day - which his team won in walk-off fashion in an extra-inning.

My daughter kept playing coach-pitch and started her summer session for dance. She just finished up her audition series and was requested to participate in a large number of dances for this coming season. We'll see how many we can do. Originaly, we had discussed having her do four or five. So far, she's been requested for at least seven. I guess it's tough being talented. Personally, I wouldn't know ;)

Football started around the time August arrived. There was a 3rd-6th grade football camp a few weeks ago, and then actual football practice began last week. I'm assisting with coaching efforts and my son is having fun (even if he claims "not having football practice" is the best part of the weekend).

The big family trip to Wisconsin Dells also took place a week ago. My wife, the kids, and I joined my parents and my brother's family for a long weekend at The Wilderness Resort. It was nice seeing Grandma, who came up with Jerry for the day on Sunday; and it's always fun seeing my aunt, uncle, and cousins from Onalaska, who also came down for the day. We all thoroughly enjoyed our annual little family get-together. Always love the hospitality we get from everyone at The Wilderness. Got to have a nice birthday dinner at Ishnala, too. Celebrated a few kids birthdays since they were so close. And met up with some neighbors who happened to be in the Dells, as well.

Finally, this weekend, we had a little shindig here at home for my daughter's 7th birthday, too. Invited a bunch of families who have girls my daughter plays with. Beautiful day for it on Saturday. Loved having everyone over on the deck, patio, and in the back yard. Helped to have a couple blow-up pools for the kiddos, so the adults could enjoy themselves as well.

So ... now summer is almost over and school will be starting in a couple weeks. Time to enjoy what time we have left before I go back to work.

Oh ... did I forget to mention that little piece? :)

I got a job. Since the kids will be in school full-time this year, I interviewed for a couple teaching positions and was offered both. After a bit of discussion with my wife and some serious deliberation, I will be teaching in our home district at the alternative high school this year. It's .80 FTE, so it sets up nice for me to be home before my kids get home from school this year.

Nervous. Anxious. Ready to teach :)

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