Monday, December 30, 2013

I'm ba-ack ;)

After a long time spent away from my blog, I decided that the week in between Christmas and New Year's would be a great time to catch up ... and dump a bunch of photos that those of you dedicated followers might like to see.

If you're not a part of the IN-crowd, I should update you on the goings-on of this Fall:
  • I'm now teaching. I took a 0.80 FTE position in our home district this fall and began teaching high school physical education, health education, and 8th-grade physical education when school began after Labor Day. I was teaching at the alternative school in our district, and even though I was only part-time, I had the joy of prepping for four different classes: Life Fitness, Club Fitness, HS Health, and 8th-grade PE.
  • I'm now teaching at one of the junior highs in our district! That's right. At trimester time (about four weeks ago), a health teacher at the junior high resigned. The job posted, I interviewed, got the offer, accepted, and started - all within about a 10-day stretch. I'm now full-time and only teach two different classes - four sections of 8th-grade PE, and one section of 8th-grade health. Yeah for me! :)
  • My son's fall baseball finished up well. He had fun. So did I. The team improved over all. And we finished up on a horribly cold winter-like Sunday. (Yes, I can still say that as it dips into the negative digits today in Minnesota.)
  • Football was an up and down season for Team 4.2 (I think that was our number - it's been quite a while.) I have some more fun pictures to post from the games my son played - as well as some video if I can get it working. This blog is glitchier (word?) than I remember.
  • My daughter is busy. She's dancing over eight and one half hours per week. Mondays and Tuesdays are her long dance days, but she also dances Wednesdays and Thursdays (as well as rehearsal - now every Saturday). To make life even more busy, we sprint back and forth to Faith Formation on Wednesday nights, and then try to make it to gymnastics on time on Thursdays. Thank goodness for Fridays! (PS - she starts basketball after winter break, so we'll see how much busier we can make Saturdays.)
  • More and more basketball for my son: he played in the regular house league (like all 4th graders) before the winter break, then tried out for one of the five traveling teams. We were excited to take home the house league black division tournament title before our short rest, then were notified that he would be playing on Team 2 for traveling season. We've made one of the three practices so far, but I'm sure we'll make up for that by making all six that are scheduled for the next two weeks before the first tournament on the 11th.
  • My wife and I traveled to Chicago for her cousin's wedding. It was fun to see everyone and celebrate. We even made it out to Aurora, IL for a quick get-together with two Aunts, an Uncle and some cousins from the other side of the family.
  • My son and I made it to Lambeau to watch the Packers kiss their sisters against the Vikings. We also took in the Badgers' loss to the Nittany Lions on Thanksgiving weekend while we were at my parents' place for Thanksgiving.
  • Finally, for the winter break we decided to fly to Ohio to see my wife's parents and her brother's family for Christmas (and our godson's birthday) over the weekend before Christmas, then flew home, spent about 24 hours at home, then drove to Wisconsin for my parents' two Christmas parties. (I'm glad she talked me into coming home before the Badger men's basketball game on Saturday for two reasons: A- With my my and my son's luck at Lambeau and Camp Randall, I'm not sure I could've taken a loss to Prairie View A&M, and 2- I'm enjoying a bit of rest from the extensive fall and winter schedule thus far.)
Merry Christmas everyone! Please enjoy the pictures that will be soon to follow, including, hopefully some more of the photos from the sitting we used for our Christmas cards. And a Happy New Year to all!

On Wisconsin!

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