Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Almost a week ...

It's been almost a week, so here's a quick update:

- The kitchen and first floor remodel is basically done. We are waiting on the fireplace (again) because the mason took it upon himself to put a hearth in at the bottom of the thing - even though we had talked with him earlier about NOT doing that. So, he did come back out to loosen the stone; however, we'll have to see when he can get back out with the replacement stone pieces. [He has definitely been one of the only ones holding this entire project up.]

- Our table was delivered Monday. I only took one or two pictures with my phone and posted them to Facebook. I'll try to get a few decent ones with the camera and post them here later this week. The table really looks great! We love it already.

- The weekend was AWESOME! Not sure if I have pictures from Friday night, but my wife and I got a chance to go out (without kids) with four of my good friends (and their wives) in Sun Prairie. After dinner, we relaxed at one of their houses. It was good catching up with them - and amazing that everyone could get away for the evening on such short notice. Thanks for a great birthday night, guys!

- We got up Saturday morning and went to Chicago to meet up with the kids and my folks - who were already there. After meeting up with them, we ventured to Wrigleyville and had a nice lunch before taking in a Cubs game. The day was pretty gorgeous, and even though the Cubs lost, we had a great time and a safe ride back to SP after the game.

- On Sunday, we celebrated my daughter's birthday with presents and a trip to Vilas Zoo in Madison. That zoo is still awesome! We had another great day for it and even ventured over to the new Union South on campus (UW-Madison) to grab some of the best ice cream in the world. After lunch, we made a safe trip home (no deer) and started relaxing and getting ready for the week.

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