Sunday, August 5, 2012

Remodeling ... (week 4 - granite and appliances)

Sorry. No pictures yet. Spent much of Saturday trying to return the blue pendant fixtures that we ordered online through Lowe's and decided were too much different color for the kitchen. We found some really nice new pendants that we're sure will look nice, though, so we're excited to have them put up on Monday. The granite and the appliances are in though, and boy do they look nice ... mostly.

The appliances are each in their place as of today, although we found that the stove/range had a few scratches on it once the plastic, cardboard, and protective materials were taken off on Friday. Here's to believing that the customer service people at Warner's Stellian (WS) will take care of us! Once I was made aware of the scratches on Friday, I called our sales rep first. He patched me through to the WS customer service department. I waited about 10 minutes to speak with someone ... who asked me to call Samsung Customer Service. So I did. And they proceded to tell me that my local retailer would take care of me. So I called my WS sales rep back. He called the WS customer service, then called me back. Then WS customer service called me and asked if there would be any way to make me happy ... to which I said, "Yes, a brand new part or a brand new appliance." So, she said she would work on it with the Samsung parts people and get back to me on Monday with a specific course of action and some time frame (although she did mention 1-2 weeks was costumary for previous such incidents).

Anyway, that's why there's not pictures. That, and I want to make everyone wait for the finished product in the kitchen. :) The tile setters come to do the backsplash on Monday, along with the electricians to finish their work - hang pendants and lights, undercabinet lighting, etc. Grout should be done by Tuesday and the kitchen should look finished by the middle-to-end of the week.

Speaking of middle-to-end of the week ... apparently the stone for the fireplace has been taking a while to get here. So, while the mason was supposed to reface the fireplace a week ago Monday, we're all hoping he can get to that this week.

Headaches do abound ... but we are blessed that THESE are our headaches, and not much worse things. We are excited for the kitchen to be done soon (and the entire first level shortly, for that matter) and can't wait to to share it with our family and friends!

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