Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wisconsin Dells ... Wilderness Day 2

Okay, apparently we didn't take the camera to the water park on day 2, either. You'll have to trust me that we enjoyed our time there. My cousin Mike and his wife Melissa came up for the day with their two sons - and the kiddos all had a blast. The six of us cousins decided that we needed a 'cousins' pick, so my brother, his wife, and my wife decided to get dressed up and not tell Mike and Melissa ...

... Okay, truthfully, we were heading out to celebrate our July anniversaries (both my brother and I got married in July - 8 and 11 years ago, respectively), so we took this pic first. We clean up halfway decent, don't we? But it was nice to get a pick of us adult cousins all together, too. So happy to have Mike and Melissa and their boys there for a great day 2!

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