Friday, August 3, 2012

Wisconsin Dells ... Wilderness Day 3

Okay, we brought the camera along for day 3 ... and got a few cute pics, including this one with Grandpa ...

... and this one, where my daughter is helping her cousin dry off ...

... and then snuggles ...

... and even pushes her in her stroller - so she can concentrate on that popsicle.

Doesn't look like we're enjoying ourselves, does it? ... Well, we are, thanks to having a complimentary cabana all day - courtesy of some of my brother's friends. Thank you, guys!

My aunt, uncle and cousin from Onalaska came down for the day, too ... and brought along some extra fun: water balloons.

We played catch with them for a while, trying to see how far we could get away from each other.

Not sure if my daughter caught this one ...

... but my son definitely got wet.

And so did I - but all in the name of fun  ... and day 3 was done.

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