Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is it Memorial Day weekend yet?

So, life is short ... but these two weeks feel long. Amateur ball started on Saturday, but high school ball is still going. My son started tee-ball two weeks ago, so he had his first game Monday night. (He says that they won because one of his teammates caught one of the fly balls, so the other team scored one fewer run - which might actually be correct.) My wife's been in Omaha, Harrisburg, and San Diego. Playoff games are Thursday at 4pm and Saturday (possibly two games, starting at noon, up at Centennial). First Communion for my God-daughter in Madison on Sunday morning. High school graduation for my cousin in Onalaska (near LaCrosse) Sunday evening. (... deep breath ...)

Okay, so I'm ready for summer. But hopefully that doesn't happen until after the PC Pirates win a few games and finish the season on a nice note. Banquet was last night. It went nicely. Edinburgh does a nice job of putting it on. And it seemed like just about all of the boys went home with a door prize. Our booster club board is great. I'm already excited about next season - and that's with some of this season left to go. Baseball is a great game - and a mystery at the same time :)

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