Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spray Paint

So, our son knows how to use a spray paint can, apparently. Everyone (and that means neighbors, babysitter - everyone) was out back playing and my son and his friend came to the front yard, found the garage eventually, and started "pretending" to spray paint. Well, that turned into "actually" spray painting things - things like the recycling container which was at the end of the driveway, the friend's bike, the garage floor, our daughter's tricycle, a NEW BAT that I had just bought for our son. Spray paint was all over - apparently. I say apparently because my wife came home before dinner to take over for our babysitter and had to deal with all of it. I was at baseball. By the time I got home, most of the spray paint was taken care of with paint thinner (thanks, nice neighbors). Needless to say, our garage smells like a combination of spray paint and paint thinner - so no extended stays in the garage without the door open.

I know this is partially due to how much independence we give our son, but man, I did not see that coming. I guess hard work doesn't just apply to the job or baseball. Hard work is ment for taking care of the kids as well - and I know this - just needed a reminder I guess. God does let us know about our misgivings at times, doesn't he? I love our kids dearly, and I need to put in the work. They are little products of their parents, aren't they, after all?

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