Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alexandra Putterball (Bautsch) Vitense

Lovable kitten, cherished cat, friendly pet, missed friend.

Here you'll see just a few pictures from her time in Minnesota. We will post more as we remember our beloved cat.

She was found as a barn-cat and probably would've been a "mouser" if she hadn't been taken to a loving home. Once she found herself inside, she became a lovable and gentle indoor feline who loved to run and jump and play with the males of the human species.

After spending several years moving from apartment to apartment in the Dayton, OH area, she came to Madison, WI with Holly and eventually became a Vitense (taking her owner's change of last names).

Over the last 8 years, she spent her time in Minnesota, helping raise two beautiful children who loved her very much. She became accustomed to a comfy cat-bed or a fluffy pillow, depending on which "resting spot" she decided to control.
For most of her life, she loved to chase the light from a flash-light and to beg for turkey or tuna. She thought putting her rear end in your face was fun and she always wanted to know what was on the other side of a closed door.

At 17 years old, Alex had seen better times, but you could still tell that she loved you. She loved to have her forehead pet and would still find a warm spot next to where you were laying.

Her health was getting worse and worse in the last few months. She didn't spend as much time out of her sleeping and eating areas. But it was still a shock when we came home to find her unable to move and in pain.

She rests with God now. And we thank Him for our time with her!

God bless you, Alex. You were a wonderful cat

Love, Your Family

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