Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Fun

The kids have had a pretty good summer. A week or two ago they got "pet" plants for their room. So we had to get some pots for the plants. Then we had to paint them. My son's pot ended up with a "motion W" a Cubs logo and a green-and-gold "G" ... no surprise. My daughter's turned out pretty, as well. She rediscovered her CD player with the microphone the other day ... and she's not the only one who seems to be having fun with it lately, either :)

We went to the Pond at Elm Creek. Had some fun there. The kids even got along. On the way there, the kids decided that they were not happy that our neighbors weren't coming with us - and they (the kids) wouldn't have anyone to play with. My wife responded by telling my son that he would find someone he knew within the first few minutes - just like always. Which he did. Fun was had by all.
"Burrying Zane" follows :)

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