Monday, October 10, 2011

Blue Titans lose, but Packers win ... so all in all a decent weekend

No Badger football this weekend, so our heart was a bit more into Sunday football this weekend. My son's team (that I help coach) WAS undefeated before Sunday's game. Unfortunately, we haven't had the best practice players - so eventually it was going to catch up with us. We have a lot of skill and some good kids, but they have a hard time focusing. So ... fakes and reverses catch us out of position on defense ... and ... offense tends to be big hit and big miss. Thus far, the big hit (i.e. long touchdown runs and passes) have outweighed the big misses (dropped handoffs, missed blocking assignments, running the wrong play); and we have been able to make up for missed tackles on defense by running down ball-carriers and scoring in big chunks on offense.

Not Sunday. The other team was disciplined and focused. They ran the right play everytime and stayed home on defense. We were still probably more skilled, but we missed blocks and ran the wrong way several times on offense. Our OLBs ran in when the play went outside on defense. We dropped two handoffs, and our backs forgot to get outside to block for their fellow runners. Oh well. It was fun. We stopped the other team four times from inside the five yard line. And we had a chance for a comeback victory at the end - only to throw an interception on the last play of the game.

Did I mention that the Packers won? Good, because that was a good way to end the weekend :)

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