Monday, October 3, 2011

"This is a break from the party - the game." - Kirk Herbstreit

Listen to the ABC guys talk about the student section's rendition of "Fill Me Up, Buttercup" below or listen to the entire song

Impressive - much like the Badgers themselves, and the Packers. It was a rather fun weekend - even with my wife in Portugal. The kiddos and I had some fun together, we enjoyed a spaghetti dinner and watched the first half of the Badger game with our neighbors after my son played a fall baseball game and went to his first basketball practice. Our family from Onalaska came late in the night and watched the kids early Sunday morning while I (painfully) ran 10 miles in the Medtronic Twin Cities 10 mile. Then, we enjoyed Sunday with the fam and my son's flag football team pulled off a win with a touchdown run on the last play of their game. Pictures to follow. Promise.

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