Friday, December 30, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas

We drove down to Sun Prairie for a Christmas Eve celebration with my family ... Unfortunately it was still more of a green Xmas than a white one. Thankfully, we got to enjoy the good company of grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, sisters, and brothers. My daughter and her younger boy cousin seemed be attached at the hip for a few days. Christmas Day had its own celebration with family in Cottage Grove - with our kids making a 'haul' in the book exchange ... Thanks family!

After a 4am wake-up call Monday and a flight to Dayton (via Detriot) we enjoyed a few days with some more of the fam in Ohio. Laser tag, tubing, the flu, and a broken side-mirror may have been the highlights (and lowlights?) of the trip, but the real special parts were seeing "las tres amigas" (my daughter and her 2 girl cousins) and "los banditos" (my son and his older boy cousin) become inseparable. We watched one indoor soccer game (Congrats on the Championship, Cole!) and made it back to Wisconsin without bringing the flu back (thus far).

With about one day left in 2011, we'll try to find a way to deal with another 4am wake-up call having tired us this morn. The white stuff on the ground did already provide for some Grampa-Grandson shoveling time ... and a small snowman - who apparently is a Cubs fan! Happy New Year a day or two early, everyone!

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