Monday, September 17, 2012

Birthday weekend for my boy

The big boy turned nine this weekend and I'm pretty sure he had a blast. His fruebd had a birthday party on Friday, so we celebrated my son's birthday most of Saturday - with family presents, a trip to Target Field for a Twins game, and a sleepover with a few buddies. Breakfast on Sunday morning, a visit from Grandma and Grandpa (my parents), and a fall-ball double-header completed the weekend of fun.

A 'big' jar of pickles from his sister. Her idea! I think he likes it ;)

 Not sure whether she's grumpy or just acting. She enjoyed the rally in the 9th - that's for sure!

 Nice seats in the sun for the us boys.
 Of course, the silly girls sat next us, too :)
 When is it necessary to include the fire marshall in your birthday plans?
Nine candles is making me think my boy is getting too big too quick.
Although only the boys came for the sleepover, some girls in the neighborhood ended up joining us for the cake.
It was a fun night, all in all. Happy Birthday, big boy!
And if you're wondering, he loved EVERYBODY's gifts ... however, this might've been the most special this year ...

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