Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fun Weekend

Besides watching the Badgers rack up 564 rushing yards and 62 points in route to winning a second consecutive bid to the Big Ten Championship game, this weekend was pretty fun. Our weather was nice on Saturday, with minimal rain in the morning and evening and 60-degree weather all around. My wife and I got the rest of the exterior of the house winterized before heading out to dinner on Saturday night. Our local friends from the lake arranged a baby-sitter for the kids and we enjoyed a nice Italian dinner in Minneapolis. What with my wife being sick on her actual birthday, it was nice to relax and have fun without doing too much.

My daughter also continued her two-hour dance rehearsal. She has one every-other Saturday until the year turns. Then she has it EVERY Saturday for two hours. This is in addition to her weekly two-hour dance practice/lesson. Since she comes home pretty happy and doesn't complain, I'm pretty sure she's into this dance stuff by now. Which is good, because I was just told by my wife about the make-up. If you have a daughter and want to hear a shocking number, wait until they let you in on how much the make-up costs. But ... if my daughter's happy, it'll be worth it :)

Basketball is more my style, on the other hand. And that is what my son is doing these days. I even get to help out with the coaching a bit. Since my wife and I were coming home from Barcelona last Saturday, we missed his first two games. From all stories (my mom and my son) they went really well and the team won all the skill events, as well as the actual games themselves. This week, we got to see it first-hand. And I no longer have to rely on their word. Yep. The team is good. They seem to want to listen and get better, too, so I'm excited to keep helping coach and watch.

Proud of my kids and my wife. :) Happy me.

It is Veterans Day, this 11th day of the 11th month. And therefore, I will take the last lines of this post to thank all those who have served or continue to serve. I, for one, take it not for granted that my life is lived with a freedom that is protected, not owed to me, but delivered to me by those who would choose to lay down their lives for it. I am especially indebted to those who already have.

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