Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day on Tuesday

It was a snow day on Tuesday, thus the schedule/routine got all mixed up. The kids stayed home from school and played in the snow, and with their friends (inside and out) all day. I never left the house, but ended up with a fresh gallon of milk and a Caribou coffee thanks to a kind neighbor :)

My daughter cried when gymnastics was still on as scheduled, because, of course, it meant that she had to stop playing with her friends. Seven boys shoveled the end of my driveway after the plow came by in the afternoon. Of course, my son had already helped me clear the driveway the first time; and we even got into the act and helped out neighbors clear theirs.

I felt pretty compelled to make a nice dinner, so I busted out my grandma's spaghetti plate/bowls (Thanks, Gramma!) and we had a nice spaghetti dinner, complete with meatballs and italian turkey-sausage, and of course garlic bread.

In a strange twist, having my wife around and working from home prompted me to finish my initial posts for my current class (a bit early, since I usually do it closer to deadline - Wednesday/Thursday). In doing so, I noticed that I posted another 'A' in my recently-finished class. That puts me at eight classes down and two to go for my masters degree.

I even learned a couple things in this most recent class: I now know how to use a 'soft return' in MS Word, and I now know that you need to clear the hyperlinks from your annotated bibliography if you are submitting it electronically. Good things to take away from a class called "Teaching Students with Math and/or Literacy Difficulties."

*insert :/ and appropriate sarcasm*

On another note, baseball is set to start in about ten days and we just got seven inches of snow to add to the white wonderland that was already covering the ground. Glad our family vacation to Disney is coming up soon, too.

I do love spring. I just wish it lasted longer than two weeks here in Minnesota. (Or will it be shorter this year?)

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