Thursday, February 28, 2013

Field Trip to the Art Institute

So, my third-grader and our neighbor girl (also a third-grader) went on a field trip with their classes on Wednesday. It was to a local art institute. I happen to take both of them to faith formation (where I volunteer and they attend class) every week, so I had them alone in the van with me on the drive to church. Decided I'd ask about the field trip ...

Me: How was your field trip today guys?
Them: Cool. Neat. (or something like that from both of them - in an excited tone)

Me: What was your favorite part of the trip?
My son: The bus ride was cool because they let us sing songs on the way home.

Me: Ok, but how about the art? What was your favorite?
My neighbor: France.

Me: ....

Me: France? Was there a room with French paintings?
Neighbor: No.
Me: What was it?
Neighbor: Just a room.
Me: ... No paintings? Just a room? Were there four walls?
Neighbor: Kind of. And there was something in the middle.
Me: Ok.

(moving on)

Me: Son, what was your favorite?
Son: George Washington.

(I went on to figure out that one of his favorite rooms had a bed and two paintings in it, too; however, the initial conversation had me questioning how much these kids got out of the trip to the art institute. Oh well. They seemed to enjoy it.)

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