Friday, February 15, 2013

Masters program and relicensure ...

So ... I've really been thinking about cutting this out and using it lately ...

Basically because I feel like I'm not getting exactly what I want out of my masters program. Which is interesting (and frustrating) to me because I will be done with a class in another week or so, at which point I will have a total of two classes left: one on differentiation for gifted education, and one that is simply finishing research and a capstone project.
However, even though I don't have something that I can look at from my experience with my masters program and take away an "Aha!" yet, I do feel a bit less frustrated today. And it's not because I used the above kit to release the stress. Instead, it is because the process of relicensure ended up being a lot less detailed and intricate than I originally thought. I took care of most of the process online, requested a copy of my current transcript, and sent that in to finalize my renewal.
I received an email this morning with a simple phrase at the top:
"Your new license has been issued and on original hard copy will be sent via postal mail."
Hurray! The current fruit of my $10,000 labor has been realized!
Now, for that masters degree that should come in late June!
... not that it'll help me get a job in the fall. Oh well. Here's hoping!
... at least when I do find one, it should help increase the take home.
... but, per the company line, us teachers aren't in it for the money.

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