Friday, February 22, 2013

Drum roll ...

... ok, not quite yet, but soon (and very soon), I will be venturing to the scale to see how much weight I've lost. Anxious to get back down to my high school weight (175#). I'll just say that I've been north of that for a while - especially since I gave up running longer distances (and pretty much gave up running for a while). I think my current workout routine will work well. I took a month at the beginning of the year to figure out what would work for me and what I just wouldn't get motivated to do. So far, so good. I have settled on a weekly routine that includes running on the treadmill four days per week, walking for one day, lifting three days per week, and core work four days per week. I've added in some DVD workouts a couple days per week. And I'm feeling good. We'll see how this goes. It'll be good to see where I'm at on my second friday of rigorous activity. Slow, but sure I'll get there!

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