Monday, February 4, 2013

The week that was ...

It's been almost a week since I last took to this blog thing, so ...

Some updates:

  • My son's parent-teacher-conference went well. He's doing well academically and a lot better in general at school. Not sure the whole classroom/teacher/environment is the best fit for the year, but he's definitely working hard to make it a good year anyway.
  • My daughter says she is just about ready for her dance competitions - which are still a couple months away. She's still happy with her two hours at the studio on Wednesdays (and again on Saturdays).
  • Speaking of Saturdays ... Jimmy didn't see his shadow, so we should have an early spring. Yeah! My son also had a basketball tourney and they went 1-2 again. Not a bad showing for a third grade team in a fourth grade tourney.
  • Sunday was fun, too. We all slept in, so we missed church for the first time in a while, but we made up for it (at least in my mind) by spending quite a bit of the day together. The super bowl was ... well, just fine.
  • I'm still bored, jumping through hoops, and trying to get to my end-point ... just in case you're wondering :)
Happy Jimmy didn't see his shadow. Happy the Badgers beat the Illini. Happy my family is fairly healthy.

Happy. Happy. Happy.

[I have to keep reminding myself of this when the hoops keep popping up.]

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