Monday, May 20, 2013

Sun, rain, and baseball

So, last week was good. Lots of baseball between my son and I. I coached about five games and my son had two scrimmages and a practice. The weather was nice - sunny and 70 most of the week, with that one 90 degree day thrown in.

Then the weekend hit. Monsoon-type rain came down. Opening day for my son was cancelled. Pond formed for a while in the drainage ditch between our backyard and the park.

I'm looking for some better baseball outcomes this week. High school sectionals begin Thursday, but my son has two games (monday and tuesday nights) leading up to that one. We'll see if the rain can hold off at all - or even if the fields are dry enough to play.

Twelve days left of school for the kids, by the way. Me? ... Well, I do have six more classes. Thankfully, I think most of my actual work is done now that I've rewritten my capstone project several times. I do have one more page to add to my literature review, but I think I can do that pretty easily with one more resource.

Anxious for the summer!

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