Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Weekend that Was

It's Wednesday already, and I haven't posted about the weekend.

That's because Saturday was long, Sunday was recovery ... and then the week began.

Okay, so Dance ...

My daughter had a competition in Burnsville, which is like 35 minutes away. No big deal. Except that her first dance was about 9:30am, the doors to the dressing area opened at 7:30am, and there wasn't supposed to be much room. So, the girls left by 7am, and were there early enough to have room to get hair and make-up done and costumes on.

The rest of us made it before the first dance ;) Which was Awe-Some! My daughter and her teammates did a great job with ballet and ended up with a high-gold when awards were handed out. The group performed again at about 10:30am and ended up with a gold for their Pineapple Princess tap routine. Awards were around 1pm, so I headed off for a while. (More about that later.) With much time in between dances, the wait began. At 7:30pm or so, my daughter danced her final number: Rock-Off Shake-Off. The group did great again and got a high-gold ... which they received at the 10pm awards session. Got out of there at 11pm. Long day. But the girls did great!

Me? Well, I had to attend a memorial service for an ex-player. Not so fun. Good to see people. Not the greatest event to have bring us together. After a couple hours remembering Andrew, it was nice to drive back to Burnsville and watch a sassy jazz dance :)

Nice job dancing, Honey! Love you!

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