Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back in Minny ... for now

Sat down to dinner last night with my wife and kids (spaghetti and meatballs with broccoli on da side) and we talked about what we liked most about the over-a-week-long vacation back to Wisconsin, Oho and PA (we did go to that Pirates-Cubs game). My son said that he liked the entire week. To which I replied that I really liked how so many of us ran in the 4th of July races, and I really liked the party and the pool (and being with all the family), and I really liked going to PNC Park for the Cub game, and I really liked ... well a lot of things ... I guess I liked the entire week best, too. My daughter really liked playing with her cousins ... and my son said he liked that, too. My wife said she liked the party with all the family, and getting to stay with the Bautsch family in Marysville, too. We kept on going on and on about all the things we liked. I guess it was a nice vacation. My wife and I even got a chance to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary at the Admiralty Room at the Edgewater in Madison - per our usual, we left the kids with their grandparents in SP and enjoyed a nice dinner and a walk through campus. :)

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