Friday, July 3, 2009

Cousins are fun

Yes, these are from earlier in the week when the 10 of us (4 adults, 5 cousins/children, 1 baby/infant) went out to dinner at Fiesta Grande in Marysville, but I thought that they were cute pics, so here they are. Besides, the cousins are back together again in New Waterford and they still love each other. Just wish the rain would go away so they could enjoy the pool - and then I'd have pics of that!

I don't know how long each day's enjoyment will last, though, because the Oho cousins stay up later and usually wake up later in the morning; while the BadgerCubs usually go to bed earlier and get up at the crack of dawn. Today was no different, my son up at 6:30am - much too early for everyone else in the house. And it caught up with my daughter about lunch time as she wore down to a melt down. But we're all good and having fun again. Naps? Who needs naps? :)

Everyone will be here tomorrow for the 4th of July (Canfield for the race and the parade first, then New Waterford at the house for the rest of the pary). Happy 4th a bit early everyone!

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