Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lake Time, the Lynx, and MG Days :)

Maple Grove Days was this weekend - our town's local festival of sorts. We're not big on taking in everything, but they have a truck show that we go to every year on Saturday morning. The kids like to get in the ambulance, the rescue vehicle, and usually some other vehicles as well. In the past they've had a school bus, and many other large vehicles. Not this year, but the weekend was fun anyway.
We had a great time this weekend, thanks in part to great neighbors and friends as well. Our neighbor Steve invited a bunch of the neighbors out to his parents' lake house on Lake Minnetonka on Friday afternoon. My son and daughter and I took full advantage, enjoying the water, the boat (my daughter LOVES to go fast in boats), and the tubing and skiing (my son LOVES tubing, and evening tried waterskiing).
Later on Friday, we took advantage of our neighbor, Brian's, offer of free Lynx tickets. Three dads (including me), four girls, and my son enjoyed Brian's company's suite at the Target center while watching the Lynx get beat up by the Silver Stars (this is WNBA action mind you). It was actually pretty cool because ... there are no TV timeouts - so that action is pretty much non-stop and they play music the whole time - and of course, the Twins were on the TV in the suite the whole time as well. My son was son exhausted after the day that he barely had enough energy to say "good night" much less put on pj's.

The pictures here are from Saturday morning. It's Maple Grove Days this weekend in MG and we always go to the Truck Show. This year they didn't have as many big vehicles, but the kids enjoyed what they had - getting in the big utility, dump, and bucket trucks, as well as the "big scooper" and playing with the Fire Department's water hoses by putting out "fires."
The afternoon on Saturday was cool, too. We played with our friends on Weaver Lake. My son and his friend went tubing (again!) and then Jack introduced "the disk." Wish I had pictures of that. The boat goes, like 12-15mph and pulls a four-foot circle of wood that you ride on. No fancy straps or anything, just a disk of wood that you first lie on, then kneel, then stand on. It was actually really fun. After Jack showed us how, I did a few spins on it and my son even joined me out on the water a bit, as well.
I can't imagine much more of a fun weekend with friends - planted firmly between our two family trips. Gotta love summer ... and water fun of course, too.

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