Monday, July 27, 2009

Enthralled with sports, laughter and love :)

My son is enthralled with sports these days. His Tee ball/Coach pitch baseball league just finished the week before our trip to Wisconsin, and his Little Blasters soccer fun just ended yesterday. He's really into getting out in the backyard and having me (or anyone) pitch to him. He gets a bit frustrated when we ask him to hit left-handed, but then everytime he does, he ends up hitting the ball almost as well as he does right-handed. Silly boy :)

The funny part about his summer sports sensation (besides going to a few of my baseball games and insisting on putting on the "small" shin guards that are still just a bit too big) is that he now gets up and watches ESPN in the morning. My son's an early riser, so he usually gets up right as my wife is leaving for work. Fortunately (or unfortunately ...) he knows how to use the television remote and he used to be able to watch a "kids' show" when he got up - letting me sleep until my daughter wakes up (just a bit later - like 20-30 minutes usually). Now, when I get up to get my daughter out of her crib, we walk down and see my son watching SportsCenter or a taped baseball game on the DVR.

He totally gets into watching the Cubs with me. We started talking about what I would like for my birthday - and how I used to love to go to a Cubs game right around my birthday when I was growing up. I told him that I liked have a nice dinner with family and going to sporting event for my birthday - and that anything else was just icing. So, I started asking him what he wanted for his birthday the other day ... and, no joke, he said, "I'd like to go to a Cub game ... or a Badger or Paker football game ... and have a nice dinner ... and spend time with our family." Couldn't I be a more proud dad. I did tell him that he wouldn't get a big birthday party (which he was okay with) and that he would still get "some" gifts (which he said was okay - "I don't need a lot of presents, Dad."). Of course this is only one side of him, but a side that I enjoy, none-the-less.

My daughter, of course has her own "nice sides" - which can be seen in her beautiful dance videos (posted in earlier blogs), and in her desire to play with, help, or just be with people she likes ... and loves :) We can't wait to get her into dance classes - which she'll love! And I'm sure she'll be an athlete, too. I just gotta get her to let me show her how to do things - so INDEPENDENT! She thinks she can do things just like her brother - even though she's three years younger. Anyway, just had to lay it out there :) Love my kids.

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