Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wisconsin Dells 2009 ... Vitense Family Vacation ... on the way ... got there! :)

We had a relatively quick trip to Wisconsin Dells ... seeing as how the family trip to Oho takes a little over 12 hours and an overnight stay in SP. My son had to take some pics in the van on the way, so here we all are ... travelling!

Our accomodations are comfy. We stayed at the Wilderness Resort last year in cabin condo near Lake Delton (the lake is back!). Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a den, a loft, a big great room with a full kitchen, dining room and living room, with a nice porch overlooking the road, across with is Lake Delton and the Tommy Bartlett show. So, we did it again this year. It's nice for the four of us, gramma and grampa, uncle Kurt and aunt Teesa and cousin Cal; plus, we can entertain more family as they come to see us :) - cousins, aunts and uncles, gramma, and friends. This has got to happen every year. Too much fun!

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