Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wisconsin Dells 2009 ... Vitense Family Vacation ... fishing, go-karts, and cousins

Okay, so we had SOME fun :) I think I have to get a water-cover for our camera so we can get more action shots in the pools/waterparks next summer. Really, there were a bunch of different spots we got to go to just at our resort. My son loved the Big Wave at the Waterdome, and my daughter loved doing "cannonballs" at the outdoor pool at the Wild West area. For my time, I loved doing the Fantastic Voyage (3 times) with my son, and doing the shoulder-seperating body slides at each waterpark. I did get a shot of the Wild West indoor park - which happened to be closest to our condo. My son and I got into a go-kart, too. He had a blast (and I kind of had some fun, too). And my daughter either really likes her gramma ... or she's gonna be a star freelance photographer some day. I don't know which :)

My son went fishing. He even caught something. Blue gill ... I think. My gramma, her friend and my wife went along. Good thing I wasn't around to spoil things. Looks like he'll have to go out again. He was just disappointed that he couldn't keep the fish ... the rest of us weren't.

Here we have some real fun. Although you might wonder why summer in Wisconsin looks a lot like autumn in Wisconsin this July. It was cooler than normal, but it was just as fun :) Kurt and I are watching his ball hit firmly on the green ... and then bounce into the creek that surrounds the green. My son wasn't always so nice, but here's one of his better moments: "letting" his sister and cousin ride in the stroller while he pushes. The ducks and geese weren't included in the cost of the package, but the water was ... and there were no Baby Ruths in the pool ... even though it looks like that's what the kids are spying :)

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