Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We had a painter come in and paint our front room ... which is a vaulted ceiling (two stories) and leads up the stairs. It hadn't been painted ... ever. As you might be able to tell by looking at the pictures, it still had the builder's white primer on it from over 10 years ago.

When our painter came in on Tuesday to "fix" some of the walls before painting, I pointed out the cracks around the rectangular openings in the interior wall, as well as the cracks around the frames of the doors. He mentioned that he could take care of that ... but also said it was probably the worst he'd ever seen.

My wife and I picked out Hirshfield's 0177 - "Weaver's Tool" ... or as you can see, a deep tan or a light brown, depending on your mood :)
At first, we weren't sure how dark to go, but you can see that it looks awesome ... or at least WE think so ... so please tell us the same :)

No more cracks in the walls - YES! And the front room actually is beginning to look like a nice sitting room ... which is a bit upsetting to my son, actually.
He told the painter that he liked the white better. I had to explain that my son was losing his "imaginary baseball" field and that he would no longer be able to throw balls up in the air and catch them in the front room.

Oh well, hopefully in the years to come the room will add some nice sitting chairs and maybe even ... dare I say :) ... a piano! Hopefully :) Anyway, as Mickey D would say, "I'm lovin' it!"

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  1. The color you picked looks great! It really makes everything look finished when you have a color on the walls, doesn't it?