Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st Day of Kindergarden :) ... :(

My big guy went to school yesterday! :) ... :( He's getting big ... quickly.
I don't know if WE are ready for this, but he certainly looks like it, doesn't he?
My wife was going to take him herself, but them my daughter decided to put off her nap ... and we all drove to school. I made the command decision to let my wife go in with him all by herself, so that my daughter wouldn't make a scene. I think it went well. When I went to upload the pictures today, I noticed that we (we? ... I think mostly Mom!) took 26 "first day of school" pictures. We could almost scrapbook :) ... almost.

He gets to ride the bus most days, so even though Mommy dropped him off, the big guy got to ride the bus home. Now, I'm not saying my wife's anxious ... but ... school lets out at 4pm. We were at the bus stop at 4:01pm. I'm guessing no bus is that quick, but better safe than sorry. Twenty minutes later, our happy, smiling kid got off and said he had a great day. Thanks Mrs. Rigazio!

(Post Script: We met our new neighbors that live just around the bend last night. First, the mom and her little one were waiting for her son to come home at the bus stop with us. We talked and realized that her son was in the same kindergarden class with our son. Cool! When our son got off the bus, nobody else did ... including the little boy who was just new to the neighborhood. The mom called school and later we heard that the bus eventually dropped him off right at their driveway. But ... we put some things together, too, later. You'll have to stick with me here. Apparently, kindergardeners get a "choice" time and our son played checkers. Cool. He liked that and told us some other things he did, like making an "apple calendar" and singing song(s) and reading book(s) - not noting whether it was one or more of either. As the evening continued I decided to ask about friends. Did he play with anyone in particular. Yes, a boy who spoke a different language played checkers with him. Hmmm, our new neighbors are originally from Mexico. Then I asked him who he sat with on the ride home. A boy in an orange shirt with dark hair. Hmmm ... was this the same boy he played checkers with? Yes. Hmmm ... let's put two and two together here. That boy should've gotten off with him. My wife went over to our new neighbors' house later in the evening with my son, and low and behold ... new friends that go to school together ... and SHOULD'VE gotten off at the SAME bus stop. My son felt bad that he didn't help his new friend by helping him get off at the right stop ... but plans to do so from now on. And he has added a new neighborhood AND school friend in one day of school.)

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