Monday, September 28, 2009

Regular Monday post?

I guess the year is upon us and with one boy in kindergarden and one girl in pre-school, there is lots to do - especially since it's only 1/2 day kindergarden and 2-days-a-week pre-school. Pre-school days are interesting - with a drop-off at pre-school, a bus stop drop, then a pre-school pick-up and a bus stop pick-up. All within a nice and tidy 3 1/2 to 4 hours. At least I get a couple hours to myself on those days. Which is nice ... for a little bit. I don't know that I want to be alone for too long :) With my son taking swim lessons and my daughter taking dance, the week is already pretty full, but then add in doctor and dentist appointment this past week - and it gets real easy to forget that pictures are fun to see on the blog.

My daughter has grown. She's now at least 50th percentile for weight and 25th percentile for height - which is cool. She was always small - never LOST ground on height and weight, but this time she actually showed some catching up. The doctor commented on her vocabulary and language skills. :) We're proud. I'm told that she also did a FANTASTIC job at the dentist. What a little trooper!

My son still LOVES school. Sometimes he doesn't show it as much, but once you get him talking about things that are happening at school, you can really see it in his face. And picking my daughter up from pre-school is one of the coolest things, because she has this look of pride and accomplishment on her face - and they ALWAYS have something that they made, for us to take home. She's so cute in her pink backpack every school day :)

This weekend was a success in many ways. I should take a picture of the tree my neighbor pruned for me. It looks nice. I don't have to squat/duck to mow underneath it now. Plus, it should keeping growing strong, now that many of the hanging branches and weak parts have been cut off. We got our 10 miles in on Saturday morning - before the Badger game this time. Although I guess it didn't matter a ton, because my daughter still wanted to watch a "kids show" on the television/cable box that was recording the game. I didn't really get to watch and catch up with "real time" action until close to half-time. Good thing the Badgers had their A-game going and only let up a little at the end.

My wife had fun at her golf outing on Saturday, and then our neighbors had a fire Saturday night. Kids were up too late, but they had fun and got enough sleep to have a decent Sunday (or so I'm told). The Park Center Activities Fundraiser was a success on Sunday. My foursome didn't do as well on the course as we would have liked (probably my fault), but it was a good time, and then I got to talk with a lot of my colleagues from Park Center afterwards at the banquet dinner (think "buffet" - but a nice buffet). I got home early enough to spend the evening with the family, wrestling, bathing, reading, and saying "good night."

And it all starts up again :) I'll try to bring my camera on the ride this week.

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