Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weekend Fun

Met up with our friends from the Fox River Valley in Wisconsin this past weekend. With all bustle about school starting, I didn't get a chance to post the fun we had with them on Sunday at the Splash Pad in St. Louis Park.

It was a pretty cool place. The entire spray park is enclosed by a small fence with a gate so that small kids can't run in and out of the water area. Plus, the spray park itself is only part of the big park.

I think my daughter showed us how to dance. I'm just not sure where the music was coming from. Maybe from the birthday party at the park shelter right outside the splash pad area? Pinata, anyone? It looked like fun. We should've joined in for the candy!

The spray hoses here looked cool, and my son liked playing with them. One thing that was kind of weired was that there was an older boy (maybe 8, 9 years old?) who would get water in his mouth and then "spit" it out on our kids shoulders. We could a good bath after that - for sure. But overall, all the kids there were well-behaved ... including ours! :)

My daughter had a blast playing with the squishy football. She treated one of the younger kids there kind of like a dog, though. She would throw the ball "near" him and he would go pick it up and bring it back (kind of throw it back, so not exactly "fetch", but you see you it might have looked).

It was really nice to see our friends from Wisconsin. We don't get to see them as much since we moved to Minnesota and they moved toward Appleton, but since they have family in the Twin Cities now, we'll take advantage. The kids played well together, even though their twins (one boy, one girl) are over a full year older than our son.

In fact, I think our sons would play ALL day if they could. Their only problem is that one "hates the Cubs, loves the Brewers" ... and the other is sane - that would be MY son! I'm just joshing , but really, it was kind of funny to see a boywearing a Brewer shirt and hat playing so well with another boy wearing a Cub shirt and hat. If you're a baseball fan, you'll notice they both like the left-fielder for their respective team :)

There was a softball field in the park, so the boys (who had brought their gloves, balls, and bats) played some ball and even got to take BP off the old man (that would be me). After the splash pad, we made it back to our friends' sister and brother-in-law's place for a little BBQ. The kids continued having a blast with each other - especially the boys. And it was hard to leave. But, hey, school started this week. Yet another fun ride begins :)

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