Friday, September 4, 2009

State Fair, Backyard Wiffle Ball ... so far, a great Friday :)

So we went to the Great Minnesota Get-Together ... and it wassss funnn! My son liked the way the roosters looked, especially ones like this one. My daughter didn't like all the noise in the Poultry Barn. :*(

But she did like the sheep ... er ... lamb? Whatever. She thought they were cute. She pointed out the horns growing out of the bottoms of some of the goats as we walked by - you know, the ones between their hind legs :) Mommy let her know that those weren't horns. Those are where the babies get there milk, honey :) My son said that some of the goats had "big sacs" ... "full of milk" ... LOL :)

The kids even decided to become a beaver and an MCC volunteer for the day. Aren't they cute?

My son was really excited about the dragon roller coaster (don't worry, he isn't as nervous as he seems in this picture). It was a "kiddie" ride and he loved it. I got video that'll pop up on later blogs this week.

My daughter and wife went on the carrousel (sp?). Anyway, she loved it, even though she's giving me the scowl of the day. And she (my daughter) loved the bubble ride with the ... fish? ... - not sure what she's riding in exactly, except that it's black ... and she's having a blast!

Then we did the customary trip to the John Deere exhibit, where the kiddos got on EVERY tractor available (and some that technically weren't). I think it's the best exhibit for our kids ... and it's completely free - especially since we don't have a big enough yard to even think about being tempted to buy.

Gosh, has my son gotten bigger. I have this same picture from our first trip to the Great Minnesota Get-Together - and he looks much bigger in this piece of equipment than he did back then. And I can't believe how happy my daughter is ... to be mowing the lawn - maybe I'll start thinking about letting her do it ... uhhh ... nope - I think she's actually trying to shovel something in this picture anyway :)

Then ... we got home and decided to do something fun ... well, after I mowed the lawn anyway ...

Threw some bases down, used some string and a screw-driver for a stake, found some field-marking spray-paint ... and ... went to town. Now we have a brand-new wiffle ball field in the back yard. It's complete with ground-rule-double patio in right and garden in left, a short porch with a wood fence in most of left and left-center, a long out-of-play line deep in straight-away-center, and a home-run-deck in right center (that my son has already smacked it up onto).

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