Monday, September 21, 2009

Let's see here ... what happened this weekend?

Well, we had a fun Friday afternoon playing around, then Mommy and Daddy each made it over to our friend Jack's house to wish him a happy birthday.

On Saturday morning, Daddy (me) went for what was supposed to be a 10 mile run (turned into 8 because it was warm and I was dehydrated). The rest of Saturday became a day to recovery after a short lunch with our neighbors (and watching the Badger game on DVR). Of course, my son went to a birthday party at a bowling alley ... well, it also had laser tag and bumper cars, so he had a blast! I took him before my run and stayed to watch him bowl his first game. He bowled left-handed for that first frame. Afterward, I asked him if he wanted to bowl right-handed since that's what he does on Wii. He was excited to try. Apparently, though, he is a left-handed bowler, because he decided to go back after trying right-handed. The Badgers won, so we were all happy about beating Wofford. Our friends in Brooklyn Park had a birthday party later Saturday as well - which was fun. Didn't take ANY pictures of all this (why? I don't know), but there was a big inflatable slide and pool that my son LOVED going down.

Sunday was RELAXING (for me, anyway). I know my wife was BUSY cleaning bathrooms. I did help by washing the floor. We made it to church - which is always a nice Sunday morning family event. Music was AWESOME - even moreso than usual. My girls were "twinners" as you can see by the picture above. Packers lost ... ugggh ... poor ending for the weekend. But ... then my son and I ended up getting to go see my Aunt, Uncle and cousin because they were in White Bear for her softball games. Dinner with them was nice. Too bad my daughter was in a bad mood and didn't nap really well, otherwise all of us would've gotten a chance to get together.

All of this is, I'm sure, quite boring to most, but to me, it was our weekend. My son did have his stuffed-animal friend home from school for the weekend since it was his week as the star of the week. Roscoe got to wear Pappy's "church shirt" for the weekend. Now he goes back with somewhat of a story. Another weekend done, another fine week begins :)

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