Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Wrigley Pics ...

"So, Daddy, why don't I get to see Soriano play, ever?" - He didn't play when we watched them in Pittsburgh. Fuld started in his place in left field that day. Nor did Soriano play when we went this past Saturday and Sunday. "I don't know, son." Is my only response. He had a day off coming to him in Pittsburgh and his knee was acting up again (swollen) for this weekend. Oh well. At least we saw Big Z pitch - not very well, but he did pitch. And the Cubs got the win on Saturday. Go, Cubs, Go!
It's hard not to like Wrigley, isn't it? Although it was breezy on Sunday, so we put on some warmer clothes to stay warm since my parents' seats are in the shade all day. My son was less affected by it than the rest of us - at least it took him until the game started to get cold and put on sleeves on Sunday :)

It's also hard not to like that family smile. Three generations of us at Wrigley. Now that's priceless!

Father and son(s) at Wrigley. I don't know if this will ever get old for me (us). I just hope to see a Cub World Series in my day - and possibly a World Series Champion, too? Is that too much to ask? Oh well. We'll cheer forever! Go, Cubs, Go!

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