Tuesday, September 29, 2009


"What in the world does my daughter sitting at a picnic table reading books and doing puzzles have to do with 'Swimming'?" you might ask. Well ... this is the nice room she likes to spend time in, just off the observation area. Only one way in and out - past me. I can watch my son swim, and she can "read" books, play with puzzles, and stay safe. We like the arrangement. Works out well, I think :)

My son and I like his swimming instructor, Ryan. He's nice, and a good teacher, too. I'm proud of how far my son has come with swimming - from not liking water in his eyes, to learning how to "side breath" when doing the front crawl today. Yeah!

A bit fuzzy because of the digital zoom, but you can see that Ryan (instructor) is right in there with the kids (two of them today - usually three kids to a class) helping put on goggles, and showing exactly how things are done.

My son is great with the kickboard. It helps him focus on specific things (mechanically) and not worry about sinking. Today they really were working on side breathing, so his long arm strokes were paused to allow him to tilt his head and take a breath.

The video shows a nice example of what he's trying to do. Once he gets the hang of it, he'll be putting it all together for the 2020 or 2024 Olympics, I think. Say "Hello" to the next Michael Phelps ... okay, maybe not, but I'm still proud - and thankful that he's learning how to swim and can be safe in the water.

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