Thursday, September 17, 2009

Glad to have Mommy home

The first two pictures are the types of things that happen when your kids know how to use a digital camera, you leave it laying around (or let them hang onto it), and you don't have to pay for prints :) I also found that my son holding up his fake hamster (zhuzhu pet?) with a great smile, and more pictures of my duaghter at dance lessons were not up on the blog yet, so here they are!
Mommy got back from Boston yesterday around dinner time. We were all very happy to have her home. She brought back some fun things for each of us. My son got a Red Sox mini-bat to go with his other two mini-bats (Diamondbacks and Padres ... also both brought back from trips by family members). My daughter got a bear dressed in a Boston sweater with a lobster on it (... now that I think of it, maybe my gift was the only one with a lobster - I'll have to check on that later), and I got a shot glass add to my collection. I even got the okay to start getting out all my glasses to display in the guest room. Pictures will surely come later :)

My daughter LOVES school. The other day, she told me, "It's fun to come school" as we were leaving school - so I had to tell her teacher. Between having fun at school and not wanting to leave dance class the other night, I can't imagine her liking her two learning experiences any better. My son has been "star of the week" at school this week (I think because his birthday was Monday). On Monday his teacher read the little booklet he filled out about all his favorite things and his family members. Then, Tuesday, he took in something to show a special skill - his baseball glove, of course. He wanted to take in his bat to show how well he hits - but Daddy nixed that idea and asked if his glove would be okay. Yesterday, he tood in something from his "babyhood" with a little note about it - Rusty, his little puppy that Mommy used to use to put on "The Rusty Show" in the car on long trips. (My son was also supposed to take in a huge tracing of his body, decorated and labeled - but Daddy thought it was due today, so it's going in today.) Today he also takes in his favorite book (which happens to be "Frog and Toad" - a book I just bought him for his birthday).

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