Thursday, March 26, 2009

Park Center Baseball

This is the first post for the baseball blog. Hope everyone likes the "motion W" and the colors. Sorry. Maybe I'll change it to Park Center colors soon ... then again, maybe not.

Our season seems to be starting off well. I like the group of players we have. Baseball itself is just a blast... and we don't even have to have what you would consider a "fun" practice to actually have fun. Baseball is fun. Fielding is fun. Hitting is fun. Hard work is fun.

We were supposed to scrimmage Friday the 27th - instead it snowed this week. Gotta love Minnesota weather. Our first game is April 2nd. Anoka. We're getting after it! After all, it is our job to "Deserve Victory."

Check out the nice pic of my daughter and I modeling the nice black fleece pullovers with the PC logo in the nape of the neck. Nice ... real nice! :)

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  1. You are such a dedicated stalker of my blog, and I am honored to be your first "follower". I can't wait to read all the happenings of my favorite nephew and niece and keep tabs with you all!! Keep up the good work...