Saturday, March 28, 2009

My son joins us at Pirate Baseball practice

On Friday, my son joined us for baseball practice. He's a natural ... and a "phenom" according to some of the Pirate ballplayers. He also happens to be a "ham" when it comes to picture taking - at least when he wants to get his picture taken.
He showed the boys how to hit from both sides of the plate off the tee. Some of them tried to duplicate his left-handed swing (each of the players who tried was right-handed). Needless to say, they were not as good. My son hit the ball ... the baseball players hit the tee.
So I don't have switch hitters. But they can hit! I'm happy with the progress we've been making in the cages ... and in conditioning and lifting. Now, we just need to get onto the field. Bunt coverages, cut-offs and situations just aren't the same in a gym as they are out on the field. Let's keep the sun out and hope the field is ready for Monday!

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