Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Snow came today. Supposed to be about 2-4 inches. Northern Minnesota is getting a foot or more. I'm pretty sure our game Thursday is NOT going to happen. That's okay. I think we've rescheduled at least one of our first three games each season - usually because of snow (or cold).

We had an interesting day yesterday at practice anyway. Watched film on most of the varsity players hitting. I think it'll help. Quite a few of them found something that they can work on off the tee or at soft toss.
And then there was the incident with the lost teeth. JV went out to take some fly balls and work on cut-offs. I sent some varsity outfielders out to take some fly balls as well. Next thing I know, I'm watching two players come in to the athletic trainer's office - one with a balled-up shirt covering his mouth. Seems a shortstop and outfielder had collided going after a pop-up. Face/teeth into cheeck-bone. Two upper fronts knocked out. They found one of the teeth. The outfielder had scrapes on his cheeck. The shortstop no longer had either of his top two front teeth. Good news: neither one lost consciousness. We'll see how they are today at practice - inside of course.

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