Monday, June 15, 2009

Underwater Adventures

My kids and I went to the Mall of America on Friday. Had a blast. Played for almost an hour at the LegoLand building "racers" and racing them down the ramps. Then we went to Underwater Adventrues. Some cool stuff. I didn't bring the nice camera, so the pictures are a bit fuzzy, but oh well - you get the idea. They switched out the touch pool, though. Which bummed me out. No more small sharks and rays to touch. Instead there was one (1) - yes one (1) - crab to touch. They did add a touch pool with star fish and other "squishy" "water animals" that my son touched. My daughter liked the sea horses.

My son likes the sharks. My daughter is glad that they're BEHIND the glass in the aquarium.

I, personally, wouldn't mind doing the "swimming with the sharks" that they offer - with SCUBA gear and all. I think that would be a blast - especially getting close to the large rays.
A lot of the sharks were resting - or "not active" - at the bottom of the aquarium this time - which actually gave us a great look at them. Especially since when they're moving around it's hard to see the details on their bodies. Pretty cool!
This guy got really close to us. Ugly puss. But my daughter was screaming (happily) to tell me that the big fish (like 4 or 5 different fish at different times) were right next to us. :)

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